Saturday, December 13, 2014

IoT meetup notes and my research

Went to IoT meetup recently to see and hear whats happening in IoT space and was also looking at few of the OpenSource electronics equipment Aurdino  for sometime now

Idea of these devices is not to reinvent wheel in core modules which could be plug and play of IoT solution. Had a demo of Audino and descriptions of specs... Interesting as I still remember how we used to work at AndhraUniversity in Sudheer's room with BreadBoard to do small circuits compared to a device like Aurdino which could be configured to respond to/act on different sensors ranging from temperature to motion and has power of a small pc !

It also has Extension shields to Wifi /Bluetooth... I was thinking of having this configured to a small machine which can be created in conjunction to mobile to able to look at my farm with GSM/CDMA trigger and be able to ON motor to water Trees and monitor.

Just have look at hoard of sensors and their Cost in India

And amazed with the cost of these machines and power - think of a computer worth of speed and memory in MINT altiod container

- check here for comparison 

As these small devices start responding to various events based on sensors next Challenge is communication. Earlier study always made me think each of these machines directly connect to Internet - thus Cloud - and dump all info to BIGData. I was close but we need to understand Zones ...say IoT for human health monitors (ex., watch/band which monitors BP) how should it connect to Internet. Zone of human body could connect via bluetooth to mobile and it stores the data and share to Cloud when ready - so on... Standards like ETSI M2M are evolving but have not been accepted widely for such seemless realtime M2M conversations

Some good solutions though are available through various providers like Cluster Wireless, CISCO
and standards through ZigBee are being supported by various device manufactures like ATMEL

ZigBee is as of now for more in HomeAutomation and has also been widely being considered for Larger Zone (Smart City) . Below is snapshot of various options (Zones..the way I call it)

ZigBee has a specific protocol and routing mechanism of mesh where you have a co-ordinator and end-device with almost same s/w and h/w hence has greater flexibility to scale and be reliable as any point of time a end-device could be activated to be a co-ordinator. Security is provisioned through associated key registration during registration/onboarding ROM  during design or conception.
R 64 bit MAC, 16 Bit network address to be used in conjunction for security. PAN personal Area Network ID restriction could be laid , 

Few specification 

1. NO
2. Netwrok
3. Network + APP

 Zone M2M Routing  ZLL Network2.4 Ghz;    Channel 11; 24.05 + 5Mhz ........;
works upto Line of Sight 1 KM;  Coin cell board power requirement  with 2.5mA on Signal and 1microA sleep

EndDevice  is battery operated - designed to use minimal power

Router can add devices , Co-ordinator create network
Signal sent by Co-ordinator but endDevice will be in sleep most of the time. wakes up every 10 sec and requests for any orders and Co-ordinator will give orders/pending req

Few adoptions 
Light Link
PWM Light
Z Wave
3rd Hue Lights  ( I will do this soon in my Home)
Smartthing Samsung
Mobile app

So seems almost solved puzzle on what could make things smart and connected . Only thing left is re-imagination of what are the possibilities leveraging these ; what would be the next steps id the data is put to use ?

Business SME , Data scientist are Needed to put these to work in a business scenario !

One of cute real use case shared------a famous Beer manufacturer wanted to ensure their beer bottles are maintained at prescribed temparature till it is ordered by customer using IoT (MSB430 and Temp Sensor)

Excited to see where this journey takes us to ....Smart everything....

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Building Andriod App

Few good videos that helped me get to a decent place in Andriod APP build

Only Change compared to above  is

Got to the place by "Hello World " is not displaying  ... Still have some problems with SDK Manager on importing MIPS System image and adding the apps to the AVT (Done !!!)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

GOAL : Architecting like Adi Shankaracharya ?

Events in life destined to happen in an interesting order and has hidden message in them.  You realize them only when you intrigue these. I felt this info is related to ME and not pertaining to any abstraction of roles I play– thus felt to update in all my 3 blogs.

Recently watched a movie on Adi Shankaracharya and prepared for TOGAF part-I exam.

Most number of architects in humanity is from INDIA and is from Hinduism. Hinduism is not a religion of one but is a continuum, where many have realized the god in themselves.  It is not one or two books but numerous artifacts written over centuries by these God-realised Yogis/Sadhus. Pre Adi Shankaracharya era these numerous artifacts were interpreted in as many number of ways causing confusion on what they ideally meant.

Adi Shankaracharya (in Film) looks at heap of Vedic documents in a cave of his guru and asks why they are in this state. Guru explains threat to them and inspite his noble and best efforts he couldn’t maintain these well and make them available to general public. People with no proper knowledge were taking not so correct interpretation of these texts were following few blind believes. Adi Shankaracharya embarks on his mission not only to re-engineer the artifacts but also make a continuum to dissipate correct information on what actually Hinduism core principles were. To him the prophesy was “bring his friends, family and community from cult behavior and establish a continuum to avoid the same beyond his life time”. He went onto bring Advaitam meaning of Hinduism, Defy many Blind-Believes in community by himself and establish Four Maths to sustain Hinduism’s true message come out for centuries. Can we do at least 1% what Adi Sankaracharya did centuries back. I feel I would be blessed even if we could do 0.1% of what we wish to do.

Challenge of current period is lack of time !? Advent of Internet and Web2.0 data has been ever increasing but when it comes to get right information we have the similar issue of having numerous interpretations but not sure if have the right answer required.

What is it to club these numerous artifacts being built/written through aspirants interpretation of the core epics along with these Epics. “Hindu Arch Repository”. Classify documents- what would be ABB, SBB? What’s the scope or enterprise ? What is the “Archtecture work” to start an TOGAF-ADM cycle. Is the answer is to have active blogs by categories like Karma, Yoga, Varnam, Varnasankaram, DHarmanm, Nyayam, Rules of Balyam-Komaryam-Bhramacharyam-GruhaPrasatham-Vanaprastham-Sanyasam etc.,

                                Goal is to enhance the Primal Vedic Literature(Literature its manifestation to Upanishads and its essence of these illustrated by Gita) through an state of art architecture (creating respository) using collaboration of aspirants/knowledge-seekers under guidance of Gurus – Thus provide mos accurate and relevant information.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oralce Streams - High Level

Oracle streams was one of the options considered while evaluating various Oracle Replication options. Explaining the challenge - We need to come up with a plan for numerous Oracle DB Migrations across enterprise - Db would be of varied size(TB to GB)  and Types(Survival Critical to ME). Part of it during migration once we take a Prod Copy for testing if we can replicate the DB-Copy to Latest production during Cut-over  Downtime would be less. This could be one of the strategy we could use, We are in PoC. So trying various option Below id Initial High level birds Eye view of Oracle Streams terminology or cheat sheet (at least for me)
 Will update soon as  our PoC is done

Sunday, August 29, 2010

UML 2.0 a students notes...

My prior GL used comment that ‘good’ developers in Procedural languages like C, PLSQL etc….would take time to gain Object Oriented (OO) concepts. I think it was true to me and took genuine and consistent effort to REALLY appreciate the value of OOAD.

This series of my notes tries to capture UML 2.0, simplification of OO jargon and appreciate OO. This is to help myself years down the line and for similar objects of my class. References are listed at bottom.

My thoughts: “If Architecture is City plan , MAP is depicted in UML various kind of maps (political, road map…) are different UML diagrams” “UML is abstraction model of architecture”

Abstraction of model is to suppress or expose the detail as needed.

UML has numerous diagrams and their organization could be depicted below (UML Class diagram notation)

Structural diagrams: You use structural diagrams to show the building blocks of your system—features that don’t change with time. These diagrams answer the question, What’s there?

Behavioral diagrams: You use behavioral diagrams to show how your system responds to requests or otherwise evolves over time.

Interaction diagrams: An interaction diagram is actually a type of behavioral diagram. You use interaction diagrams to depict the exchange of messages within a collaboration (a group of cooperating objects) en route to accomplishing its goal.

Just to introduce two more buzzwords

Generalization is to move up the ladder of abstraction (example Deployment diagram is generalized by structural and it is still generalized by diagram…)

Specialization is to add more details to enhance the abstraction details (example structural diagram is specialized to get Deployment diagram so on)
Category Type of Diagram Purpose

UML is used as blue print and tools are in place to build code based on UML. This has helped Model Driven Architecture where major part of effort is now spent on the design rather than coding.

Evolution of UML

Need of OOAD… Systems started becoming complex, Re usability is huge concern – Object oriented programming gained traction.

Requirements of users are not translated entirely to deliverable. No proper methodology to verify the traceability in various phases of SDLC. Diagrammatic representation was call of the day. Various notations sprouted in market. Predominant was three (Read : Three amigos). They finally sat together to create and agree on UML. OMG approved it as standards. UML 2.0 is latest standard.

We will go through few Jargon before we kick start our journey

Saturday, August 28, 2010


This blog is to document my daily learning in line with Technical Role.
I wish I update this quite often at least weekly twice ?