Saturday, December 13, 2014

IoT meetup notes and my research

Went to IoT meetup recently to see and hear whats happening in IoT space and was also looking at few of the OpenSource electronics equipment Aurdino  for sometime now

Idea of these devices is not to reinvent wheel in core modules which could be plug and play of IoT solution. Had a demo of Audino and descriptions of specs... Interesting as I still remember how we used to work at AndhraUniversity in Sudheer's room with BreadBoard to do small circuits compared to a device like Aurdino which could be configured to respond to/act on different sensors ranging from temperature to motion and has power of a small pc !

It also has Extension shields to Wifi /Bluetooth... I was thinking of having this configured to a small machine which can be created in conjunction to mobile to able to look at my farm with GSM/CDMA trigger and be able to ON motor to water Trees and monitor.

Just have look at hoard of sensors and their Cost in India

And amazed with the cost of these machines and power - think of a computer worth of speed and memory in MINT altiod container

- check here for comparison 

As these small devices start responding to various events based on sensors next Challenge is communication. Earlier study always made me think each of these machines directly connect to Internet - thus Cloud - and dump all info to BIGData. I was close but we need to understand Zones ...say IoT for human health monitors (ex., watch/band which monitors BP) how should it connect to Internet. Zone of human body could connect via bluetooth to mobile and it stores the data and share to Cloud when ready - so on... Standards like ETSI M2M are evolving but have not been accepted widely for such seemless realtime M2M conversations

Some good solutions though are available through various providers like Cluster Wireless, CISCO
and standards through ZigBee are being supported by various device manufactures like ATMEL

ZigBee is as of now for more in HomeAutomation and has also been widely being considered for Larger Zone (Smart City) . Below is snapshot of various options (Zones..the way I call it)

ZigBee has a specific protocol and routing mechanism of mesh where you have a co-ordinator and end-device with almost same s/w and h/w hence has greater flexibility to scale and be reliable as any point of time a end-device could be activated to be a co-ordinator. Security is provisioned through associated key registration during registration/onboarding ROM  during design or conception.
R 64 bit MAC, 16 Bit network address to be used in conjunction for security. PAN personal Area Network ID restriction could be laid , 

Few specification 

1. NO
2. Netwrok
3. Network + APP

 Zone M2M Routing  ZLL Network2.4 Ghz;    Channel 11; 24.05 + 5Mhz ........;
works upto Line of Sight 1 KM;  Coin cell board power requirement  with 2.5mA on Signal and 1microA sleep

EndDevice  is battery operated - designed to use minimal power

Router can add devices , Co-ordinator create network
Signal sent by Co-ordinator but endDevice will be in sleep most of the time. wakes up every 10 sec and requests for any orders and Co-ordinator will give orders/pending req

Few adoptions 
Light Link
PWM Light
Z Wave
3rd Hue Lights  ( I will do this soon in my Home)
Smartthing Samsung
Mobile app

So seems almost solved puzzle on what could make things smart and connected . Only thing left is re-imagination of what are the possibilities leveraging these ; what would be the next steps id the data is put to use ?

Business SME , Data scientist are Needed to put these to work in a business scenario !

One of cute real use case shared------a famous Beer manufacturer wanted to ensure their beer bottles are maintained at prescribed temparature till it is ordered by customer using IoT (MSB430 and Temp Sensor)

Excited to see where this journey takes us to ....Smart everything....

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